Newark’s waterfront buildings

Building 2, Newark on Trent

Despite being here for three months now, and having thought for some time that Newark is a place with a lot of potential photographically, I’d never actually gone out with my camera here.  I used to find this in Canterbury, too – if you live in a place there’s always shopping to do or errands to run, and juggling a heavy camera along with bags of food and library books just doesn’t work.  One day last week, however, all I was planning to do in Newark was to meet someone for a quick coffee, so this time I took my camera with me.

I had no particular idea in mind, but thought a stroll along the river might be interesting. I’m drawn to water and I’m even more drawn to reflections so I began, rather idly and with no real purpose, to shoot the reflections in the river.  I did my usual thing and created a number of abstract shots, but then I found myself shooting reflections of whole buildings.  I’ve ended up with quite a few without really planning it that way (plus one of the river tour boat), and it’s given me an idea for a little project on Newark’s river frontage through the reflections of its buildings and other constructions on the banks.

Next time, I’d like to do it a bit more deliberately and get some more carefully thought-out images, but I’m quite pleased with the ones I’ve got so far.  One thing I do like about them is that there was some interesting texture created by the huge amounts of duckweed that were floating downstream that day.

Building 1, Newark on Trent

Castle, Newark on Trent

Building 6, Newark on Trent

Castle Tower, Newark on Trent

Tour boat, Newark on Trent

Building 5, Newark on Trent