52 trees – week forty-two

Tree shadow on road

I’m not ‘here’ this week, so have pre-posted this week’s tree.  My trip to Canterbury fell through in the end because of accommodation problems, but I decided instead to join Geoff down in Surrey for a few days.  He’s working, but I’ll see him in the evenings and I’ll travel into London most days to meet up with friends, see an exhibition or two, and hopefully do some photography.  I’ve left one of my trusted Airbnb guests in charge of the pets and the house, in exchange for free accommodation for the week, so a win-win situation all round.

Continuing the tree shadow theme, this magnificent shadow covered the whole road and I had to keep one eye on the viewfinder and one on the approaching traffic to avoid joining it and marring its lovely perfection.  I find I’m quite drawn to the intersection between the natural and the man-made, so this satisfies that inclination quite nicely.