52 Trees – week twelve

Winter tree with birdsAfter I made my Christmas tree post live, I realised I’d missed a week! – not sure how that happened.  This was the tree that should have gone on before the Christmas post.

I’ve always thought of myself as very much a colour photographer.  Colour is my passion – it excites and energises me.  What I used to find, though, was that my interest in photography would diminish to almost nothing in winter when there was little or no colour around, and I’d go for months hardly picking up my camera.  In the last year or two I’ve become much more interested in black and white photography, and while colour is still my thing, I’m beginning to enjoy playing with monochrome as well.  My winter photography has been revitalised by this, and even a grey day can offer exciting possibilities of line and pattern.

These birds in their winter tree have a bit of an oriental feel to me.  I love the fact that, although I’ve converted this image to black and white, it really didn’t change it much as there was very little colour there to begin with.  What I did do was boost the contrast up to give a cleaner, more graphic look to it.