A photographer’s miscellany

Red and yellow dahlia

It’s a funny month, August – the summer equivalent of late December, when nothing much seems to be happening and lots of people are on holiday, or at least not working.  It has that air of waiting for things to restart again.  Whatever it is, I’m struggling to find the motivation to write.  There doesn’t seem to be anything I particularly want to say, which is a bit of a novelty for me, so I thought I’d offer some links to other people who do have something to say.  There’s no rationale, or linking theme – just a collection of interesting things I’ve come across lately.

First off, this article on the creative brain includes a lovely quote about creativity from John Cleese:

The idea is that your creativity acts like a tortoise—poking its head out nervously to see if the environment is safe before it fully emerges. Thus, you need to create a tortoise enclosure—an oasis amongst the craziness of modern life—to be a safe haven where your creativity can emerge.

From How Our Brains Work When We’re Creative: the Science of Great Ideas.  Lots more good stuff in here.

These amazing and quite surreal mirror installations:

Mirror installations by Shirin Abedinirad reflect the sky in stairs and desert dunes

The inimitable Patti Digh on how and why we play small:

Patti Digh: The Roar Sessions

Life lessons from the past – want to know how to sweet talk your lady (1656), how to leave a party (c1200), or how to avoid the plague (1759)?  It’s all here:

Top 10 life lessons from books of the past

Amazing photographs of colour splashes:

A splash of colour

Ruskin on why you should stop taking pictures and learn to draw (both article link, and video, below).  I do wonder if Ruskin might have been less dismissive of photography if it was of the contemplative kind.

On the importance of drawing

If you love trees, you’ll love these:

20 of the World’s Most Beautiful Tree Tunnels

Why do you choose the passwords you do?  There’s a lot more to passwords than meets the eye – read all about it in this fascinating New York Times article:

The Secret Life of Passwords

And finally, I’ve always been a great fan of Slinkachu’s Little People in the City, so photographer Kurt Moses’ images of tiny people in majestic settings tick a lot of my boxes:

13 Miniatures Bravely Exploring the Great (Big) Outdoors