Not my usual thing!

Newark Civil War Museum opening

A short post this time, as I’m away for a couple of days this week.  Newark has just opened a new Civil War Museum and there were all sorts of shenanigans going on this weekend involving re-enactments of the various battles and sieges.  This is very much not my usual thing, but it’s good to try something new and I wanted to see what I could do with it.

By sheer chance, we ended up in exactly the right spot to see everything – we couldn’t have chosen it better had we known where the thrust of the action would be. It was tremendously noisy, with cannons and muskets firing right, left and centre – so noisy that I missed my first few shots because the sudden bangs made me jump just as I pressed the shutter, and my ears were still ringing when we got home afterwards.

The shot I most wanted to get, but failed to, was to catch the flames and smoke that billowed out of the castle window when they fired the cannon stationed there.  I caught the smoke well enough, but not the flame.  I think it was probably impossible – there was no indication of when they were going to fire the cannon and by the time you saw the fiery bit even the quickest shutter finger was going to be too late.

Newark Civil War, canon being fired from Newark Castle

As always, I was drawn to moving in close rather than taking the bigger view.   I liked the repeating lines of the guns in this shot.

Musket fire, Newark Civil War

I looked for slightly quirky shots rather than the obvious ones.  I’m pretty happy with these – it’s not the sort of thing I particularly enjoy shooting but I did get quite into it once I got going, and it’s good to stretch yourself now and again.  Normal service will resume with my next post!

Newark Castle window, with Civil War figure

Newark Civil War re-enactment

Newark Civil War re-enactment

Newark Civil War, gunfire from castle window