Soft autumn

Soft autumn 2

This is another little photographic experiment. I got in the car one rainy day and thought the trees and shrubs looked rather interesting through the raindrops on the windscreen. – it was what the Irish call a ‘soft’ day, with a kind of grey drizzle and flat light.  I spent half an hour driving round the – thankfully – empty car park, taking shots through the glass.  I’m not sure how it looked to the CCTV cameras.

I like some of the results although it was hard to get it looking the way I visualised it, especially as my viewpoint was constrained by being in the driver’s seat and having to maneouvre the car into position to get the view I wanted.  These are the three best ones.  I don’t think I’m quite there yet with this, but I’ve stored it up as something to experiment with on wet days – and I’m sure there’ll be some of those soon.


Soft autumn 3

Soft autumn 1