Lincoln Cathedral, part 2

Abstract window, Lincoln Cathedral

This rather strange picture is one of the more adventurous images from my Lincoln Cathedral visit. There was a reflection in some plastic that lay between the black railings and the window, and it produced this rather interesting distortion when photographed.  I’ve shared quite a few photos already of the wonderfully coloured light that streams through the stained glass windows, but in the following few it combines quite interestingly with the rows and rows of plastic chairs set out in the nave.

Chairs 2, Lincoln Cathedral

Chairs, Lincoln Cathedral

Chairs 4, Lincoln Cathedral

Chairs 3, Lincoln Cathedral

The blues and purples in the next image look completely false, but I promise you that’s what it looked like.  I’ve even toned the colours down a little to try and make it look less artificial!

Blue columns, Lincoln Cathedral

I liked the curly pattern of this screen anyway, but curly pattern plus shadows? – love it.

Pattern, Lincoln Cathedral

And finally, this one is more conventional but I liked the way the light – mostly ordinary white light this time – played on the stones and the inscription.

Inscription, Lincoln Cathedral