Lincoln reflected

Reflected building, Lincoln

We’re only thirty minutes away by train, here in Newark, from Lincoln. I’d been to Lincoln many years ago and remember liking it a lot, so I went there last week for a look round.  It was a lot bigger than I remembered, with a shopping centre that’s very pleasant but no nicer than many other places.  However, once you walk through the main shopping streets, and further uphill a little, it suddenly changes to one of the loveliest little places you’re likely to find.  I spent hours there taking photographs, and I’ll be sharing some of them in another post, but this time round I’m posting a few that I took right in the middle of the High Street.

The River Witham cuts right through the centre of town, and with the sun shining as brightly as it’s been doing lately, there were some great reflections in the water.  The one above shows the reflection of a riverside building that houses a shopping mall.  I liked this well enough, but then some swans swam right through the reflections and everything went wild, and I liked that even better.

Ripple abstraction, Lincoln

Ripple abstraction 2, Lincoln

Since this one was so brown, I experimented with inverting it to give it a more watery look:

Ripple abstraction 3, LIncoln

Ripple abstraction 4, Lincoln

And this is the straightforward view of where I took all these, with the reflected building on the left-hand side and a rather nice piece of sculpture over the water:

River Witham, Lincoln