Chancing my arm

Tower Bridge, opening

You may have noticed a certain lack of activity on here recently. It’s down to a number of things that have all come together at once, but it’s mainly because I seem to have developed repetitive strain injury in my left wrist and arm, and typing has become a painful exercise. It throbs even when I’m not near the computer and it’s been bad enough at times to stop me sleeping.

My arm’s been feeling a little strange for a while, and heaving boxes full of books around during the move didn’t help things at all. However, the real culprit was the two or three weeks when I had to use a laptop instead of my desktop computer – the typing position was very awkward as I didn’t even have a desk to sit it on at the time and had to crouch over a coffee table.  I’ve had something similar happen before.   A while ago, before we moved, I set my desktop up to be as ergonomic as I could manage – this was prompted by problems I was having with my neck that time (I think I may be slowly disintegrating). That plus a bit of Bowen therapy got my neck back to normal but now I’m going to have to look very hard at the whole thing again.

Apart from a bit of height adjustment (which is going to be difficult given the existing office furniture) the obvious solution is an ergonomic keyboard. These are really weird……they split the keyboard in two with each half set at an angle – a bit like Tower Bridge looks when it’s halfway open (see above). They also add in a kind of humped effect going from front to back, plus one or two other strange little delights. I’m going to have to find somewhere to try them out and make sure I can still touch type in these crazy positions, but a bit of experimental hand twisting has convinced me that this might well be the answer.  I hope so.

The downside is that I do believe these keyboards are quite expensive to buy, so I’m hoping I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it.  I’ll just have to go there armed with lots of cash, but it will be worth it – a real shot in the arm to be able to type painlessly again.  In the meantime, since the sun is over the yard arm and I’m literally chancing my arm to keep typing, I’m off for a large glass of wine.  OK, ok, I’ll stop now, I really will…….