Boxed in!

Boxes 1

We’re here, we managed to transport two cats and two rabbits here without too much trouble, and the house is liveable in – just. There are boxes everywhere, piled above head height in places.  I’m appalled at how much stuff we have, and that’s after giving our home a fairly serious decluttering about a year ago.  There’s something almost obscene about the sheer quantity of things we possess when you see them all boxed and together in one place.  Much of it is books, which I don’t mind and don’t place in the general category of clutter, but an awful lot of it is bits and pieces that ‘might come in useful one day’, but probably won’t.  I’m thinking if that day hasn’t come in the past year or two, it probably isn’t going to.

The problem is that we had a loft full of this kind of stuff and there isn’t any accessible loft space here, or even a garage to put it in, so it’s all in the living space at the moment.  There are some things I’d planned to get rid of anyway and wanted to sell on ebay, but they do need to have a home in the meantime that keeps them out of our way.  We also have things like a washing machine that doesn’t have anywhere to go because the rental property already has one – we don’t want to get rid of it because when we buy again we’ll probably need it.  And our old home had a couple of huge storage cupboards, which we don’t have here, so space needs to be found for their contents.  We’ve looked at various options, including commercial storage, but that’s way too expensive so we ruled it out and have now concluded that buying a large garden shed combined with some radical culling will probably solve the problem, and we can take it with us when we go – which is all fine, but we still have to buy the garden shed and erect it and until we do we’re going to have to live like this.

My study is still a mess and full of – yes – boxes. I’m writing this on the laptop at the dining room table (which is in the living room because the dining room is full of boxes!), but am hoping to have located my computer again by tomorrow and to have a small space cleared round my desk that I can work in.  I’ve really missed my blogging and other online activities and can’t wait to get back to doing some photography and writing again.

This all sounds rather gloomy and it’s certainly not meant to. I’m actually as happy as a pig in clover – I love the house, which is full of light and air (or will be when the boxes go), and I like the area.  I’ve not had time to explore yet – I’ve hardly left the house since we got here – but am looking forward to this immensely.  And since I rather like organising and tidying, there’s a lot of satisfaction to be found in unloading boxes and deciding where things will go.

Before I go, I think our removal company deserves a mention. Darrell, Gordon and Martin were absolutely wonderful – they worked tirelessly to pack us up and move our stuff, stayed unfailingly cheerful, considerate and helpful, and didn’t even complain too much at having to carry yet another box of ‘Gilly’s books’ up a steep flight of stairs.  If you live in Kent and are thinking of moving, I can thoroughly recommend Jordan & Jarret.

Boxes 2These boxes are just the ones holding the books that were in the loft; there are about two to three times as many that came from the main part of the house!