New ‘Free Stuff’ page

Doggy in the window

I think I’ve solved my problem – that’s the one about how to provide better value to my readers.  I’ve set up a page where I’ll have some how-to articles for download in pdf format.  At the moment, I’ve put three articles on there that I’d already written and which were published by the Mortal Muses site, but I intend to add more as and when I get time. You can find them under the Free Stuff tab at the top of the page.  I guess I’ll probably come up with some other nice things to give to people as well – I was thinking of doing screensavers.  I’ve never made one before, but I think it’s quite easy (I may regret saying that…..)

And the dog?  Well, I just think he’s lovely and I needed a picture to brighten this post up.  He was peering through the glass in the door of a pub in London the last time I led a workshop there.  And I have a real yearning to bring a dog into my life right now, and even though there are endless good reasons why I shouldn’t, the longing won’t go away.  But I can have one on my blog, can’t I?