Autumn’s fire burns slowly…….

Autumn tree

I have such mixed feelings at this time of year.  I love spring and summer so much, and I love the long, light days and the warmth such a lot, that I can’t help but feel a little grief that they’ve gone.  But I really love autumn too, with its rich burnt russets and vivid reds, oranges and yellows.  And did I mention the kind of light you get at this time of the year?  It’s just glorious – the season’s swansong before the gloom of winter sets in.

Because we’ve had an ongoing warm, sunny spell, the leaves are only just beginning to turn now.  I have a season ticket for some beautiful gardens nearby, and this year they had an open day for season ticket holders.   I jumped at the chance to go there, because they close to the public in September and I’ve never seen the place later in the year.  I was a bit cheeky and emailed to ask if Geoff could come too, even though he didn’t hold a ticket.  They were very nice and said yes, no problem.  We were blessed with the most beautiful day for it, and even though I wasn’t feeling particularly well, the two hours we spent there were bliss.  We bypassed the wine, tea, scones and cakes and just wandered around, taking pictures.

Flame tree


Autumn tree 3

Dancing tree


Autumn dream

Red leaves

The mizmaze

Autumn light

Fire and water 2

“Now Autumn’s fire burns slowly along the woods

and day by day the dead leaves fall and melt.”

William Allingham