A photographer’s miscellany

Reflected woods

I come across so many good things as I move round the internet that I thought I’d do a series of occasional posts on the best of them.  This is the first one.

I love treehouses; I always wanted one but never got it (maybe because we never lived in a house with a garden that had big enough trees).  If you’re like me, satisfy your treehouse craving at ‘inhabitat’ website.  These are beyond anything I could ever have imagined.

This Arty Bollocks Generator made me laugh.

David Peat’s street photography is wonderful – humorous and touching. Although he’d taken thousands of street photos over the years, he’d never had any of them printed or shown bigger than a tiny thumbnail on a contact sheet.  When he was diagnosed with a terminal illness at the age of 64, he started sorting through the negatives and the best are now on show in Scotland.  What a shame it took a life-threatening illness to encourage him to share them with the world.

I loved this post About Fear, The Maze, and Freedom on CopyBlogger.

Paul Octavious creates interesting photos using books.  So does Abelardo Morell and his photographic illustrations for Alice in Wonderland are superb.

Turning to Etsy, this is my camera bag to die for. In fact I love just about everything Janine King does.

And this site has the most amazing street art you’ve ever seen.

I have absolutely no idea how they do this, but this twist on the cutting a person in half’ magic trick is incredible.

For any vegetarians out there, the Eating Well site has some great veggie recipes.

I really like the look of Diffusion: Unconventional Photography magazine.

If you’ve ever needed to find the owner of a Flickr picture you’ve saved, this could be really useful.

And if you’re a woman of a certain age, and have wondered about doing some self-portraits, have a look at Patricia Lay-Dorsey for inspiration (click on Portfolios, and then Falling Into Place).  If she can do it, so can you.

That’s all, folks!