St Dunstan-in-the-East, London

Kat Sloma is blogging on thresholds today – – and it’s an appropriate topic for me right now.  Our lives are about to change and the change may be a big one or a small one – we hope to find out later today when Geoff gets news about his redundancy (or otherwise).  For the last few months we’ve felt as if we’re both in limbo and in flux, and when you’re in the midst of change and uncertainty life can seem like a scary sort of place.

In this kind of situation the best we can do is to hold on to a belief that whatever the changes are they will ultimately be for the best, and to hope that the life change we’re approaching is going to be like moving through the photo above – passing the threshold into a sunlit, lush, and lovely new place.

Which would you choose?

In reality, it’s probably going to be more like the photo above – two or more thresholds and choices to make.  But both of those thresholds look enticing, both would lead to adventures of different kinds, and both of them lead us out of the uncertain darkness into sunlight.

This uncertainty we’ve been living with for so long has made it hard to remember that this could be the start of something good.  I’ve always loved entrances and half-open doors, fantasising about what might lie behind them. The reality might be banal or even unpleasant, but the excitement of discovery remains, and sometimes what you find is even better than you hoped for.

I’m holding onto this thought today.