Lensbaby Composer Tuition

Garden gate, LensbabyLensbaby Composer tuition

The Lensbaby is not the easiest lens to get used to, and newbies have a particularly bad time getting the focussing of the sweet spot correct. I can talk you through it and give you a number of hints and tips that will help. I also have a number of Lensbaby accessories and attachments that you can try out. As far as I know, I am the only person offering Lensbaby tuition in this area.

If you don’t own a Lensbaby and would like to try one, I may be able to help. If you own a Sony camera you can borrow my own Lensbaby Composer; if you have another make of camera, I may be able to lend you my camera with the Lensbaby on it for the session.

3 hour session for one person – £65

Discount available on individual prices if two or more people book on same session.

What’s covered?

-How to focus accurately

-How to move the sweet spot around

-Insider tips and hints

-How to change optics

-How to use the macro/wide-angle/telephoto attachments

-Pinhole and zone plate (optional)

-Composition tips


Areas currently available are Newark and Lincoln. These locations have been chosen for their fantastic photo opportunities and because I’m familiar with them, but if you’d like to meet somewhere different please ask and I’ll see what I can do. Please note that unless someone has mobility issues, I don’t normally visit people’s homes.

What happens?
My usual format goes something like this – we meet in a quiet cafe where we spend some time discussing what you want from the session and looking at how the Lensbaby and its attachments work. Then we go for a photo-walk where you put it all into practice. The way the time is split up is very flexible and can be adapted to suit you.

More about the Lensbaby

If you’re not familiar with the Lensbaby lens, it works like this – the effect of the lens is to give you a small area of sharpness in the image surrounded by increasing softness and blur as you move further away from this ‘sweet spot’.  The lens can be bent in all directions, enabling you to move the sweet spot to any part of the picture you want to, and you can control the strength of the effect by changing the aperture.  There is also a wide range of accessories available, which turn the basic lens into a wide-angle or telephoto lens, a macro lens, a pinhold or zone plate lens, and so on.  I use the Composer lens, but other lenses are available that give different effects.  To learn more about the Lensbaby, see the official site at www.lensbaby.co.uk

People often ask what you can shoot with a Lensbaby – well, the answer is everything!  You can see many examples on the Lensbaby website (link just above), but here are a few of my own shots to start you off.

Daffodil trumpet, edgeThe macro attachment works extremely well and produces beautiful colours

Love busLensbaby is good for urban photography too

Scottish piper, Trafalgar SquareIt makes it easy to isolate your subject, even in a busy scene

Marine lake, West KirbyIt can be used to give a dream-like effect

GeoffAnd it’s great for portraits, too


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