And this season’s colour is……

There’s a bit of background to these. I love colour, I’ve always loved colour. Many years ago I trained as a women’s colour analyst and image guru. It wasn’t for me – I couldn’t stand the pressure of having to look perfectly groomed and put together at all times – but I did love doing people’s colours for them. In case you don’t know, the colour palettes are grouped into the four seasons, each season covering certain attributes. So, for example, Spring colours are warm and bright – the colours of flowering bulbs, and Winter colours are cool and bright – imagine red holly berries against deep green holly leaves. Each seasonal set of colours came with a set of swatches which contained samples of that season’s colours.

Fast forward a few years, and I’m now a practising photographer, working on a course assignment that asks me to depict a season in any way that feels right to me and I immediately thought of the colour swatches I used to use. Then I saw an announcement for Pantone’s colours of the year and I began to think that it’s a very odd idea to see colour as something that’s in or out of fashion. Imagine the holly tree thinking ‘I really must change the colour of these berries, they’re so last year’. Colour, like so many things, has been turned into a commodity. I decided to take a collection of spring shots and use them as if they were colour swatches, pulling out one of the main colours and turning them into swatches.

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