Sky study

I’d been suffering from a long dry spell when it came to photography. At one point I wondered if I’d ever pick up a camera again. Then we moved into our present house and I gained a study/office on the top floor with a view out over Newark. I wasn’t prepared for how spectacular the skies were going to be, and it was the stunning and unbelievable colours of the sky one evening that prompted me – almost forced me – to get my camera out. Thus my photographic block came to an end.

There’s a large and beautiful tree out back, so large that its branches spread over three of the narrow gardens behind us. Initially I wanted to include the tree as a silhouette and some of the images do. However, as the year progressed, the setting sun moved round and made it impossible to capture both the best bit of the skies and the tree as well. And then I thought, it’s really the sky I love anyway, just photograph the sky. And so I did.

Since it’s all about the sky and all the images were taken from my study window, I called it Sky Study.

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