Another series that emerged by chance. It began with the image of the blue buds – I was out on a wet, grey day looking for something interesting to photograph. When I’m stuck for inspiration I tend to start looking up or looking down and on looking down I saw these beautifully coloured dead flowers and buds lying on the concrete walkway. After that I began to actively look for fallen flowers, buds, leaves, fruit, and in one case, feathers. I kept to a rule of photographing them looking down from directly overhead, and in many cases including rectangular lines of brick or other man-made materials to define the frame. Eight of the images were used for an OCA (Open College of the Arts) assignment, which was more tightly edited than the selection here.

‘Fallen’ instantly seemed the right name for this series. It’s hard to articulate what I hope these images say – to paraphrase Lewis Hine, if I could say it in words I wouldn’t need to photograph it – but it’s something about the sadness of the fall from beauty to decay, the transitory nature of life, and how we often fail to notice the aesthetic appeal of the aged and the damaged. Although I didn’t intend it at the time, there may also be something of a biblical reference – the fallen as metaphor for the loss of perfection of the garden of Eden and as a symbol of our ensuing messy and imperfect, but nonetheless beautiful, lives.

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