I was going to call this Dendrophilia which means ‘love of trees’, but on checking the definition online I found that it’s now also come to mean someone who gets sexually aroused by trees – yes, really. I changed my mind.

This series wasn’t planned at all, but I realised that I’d accumulated many shots of trees that represented a theme – trees depicted in non-representational ways. Abstract trees, if you will. Like many people I love trees and have something of a fascination with them but because they’re photographed so often it’s hard to find a way of making something different. However, I’ve discovered that I naturally gravitate towards views of trees that are mediated by water, perhaps through a wet window or reflected in a puddle, and I often use camera movement to blur definition and then add coloured filters or gradients. Sometimes I do all of these at once. What follows is a collection of these experiments, which I hope have captured something of the spirit or essence of trees.

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