Cathedral Light

I like cathedrals. I’m not religious, but not only are these spaces stunningly beautiful in their own right, they say something about what can be achieved by ordinary people who work together to create something amazing in the service of some larger purpose. If these buildings enthrall us now, in our era of great sophistication and complexity, what impact must they have had in an age where the majority of people lived very simply and frugally? They must have been literally awe-inspiring – but of course, that was the idea.

That aside, what really interests me in terms of photography is the play of light inside churches and cathedrals. The transitory effects of colour and light on enduring stone is something I never get tired of. Most of these images are from Lincoln Cathedral, with a few from Canterbury Cathedral – two places in which I’ve spent a lot of time. But it doesn’t matter where I took them, because they could be anywhere where coloured light plays on stone.

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