52 trees

The idea behind 52 Trees was to post a picture of a tree, or something that suggested a tree, once a week for a year.  I wanted to choose a topic that would give me wide scope for interpretation and that interested me enough not to get bored with it.  It was surprisingly tough at times to find an image I was happy with each week, as well as attempting to create a varied and diverse set of images that wouldn’t end up too ‘samey’.  I wanted to push myself to find more and more ways of photographing a tree, to show that you can take one subject and work with it in many different ways.  All bar seven of these were taken within a mile of my home (five were shots from the New Forest, one shot came from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and one was taken in London.)  One photo a week doesn’t sound like much, but was harder than I thought it would be.  I must admit I have no idea how people manage to do 365s, and my admiration for them is immense.