election day

Every word is an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness‘Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness’ – Samuel Beckett

I’ve been absent for a while – my energy levels are low, there have been numbers of small but distressing events to deal with, and the ability to write seemed to have deserted me.

It’s election day in the UK today, and this morning I realised that even though my friends and I may vote very differently, what motivates us is the same thing – a desire for things to be better – and our differences lie only in how we believe that might be achieved.  On a day that often leads to arguments and opposed views, it’s worth remembering our shared humanity.

Election Day

In here, I am tired and the clock ticks slowly.

Pillows are piled high under my head

and I cannot straighten my legs because two cats are arced across the blankets.

The hot water bottle is unnecessary, but comforting nonetheless.

Out there, in a cold June wind, people are voting for a better world,

making their mark beside those names they hope will provide it.

The worlds they yearn for are not the same,

but an identical longing moves through them all, like the cool wind.