52 trees – week forty-four

Tree shadow on the Thames, South Bank

Another one from my London trip – taken two weeks ago but only processed today.  The tide was out and it always amazes me how much of a proper beach the Thames has.  There were people down there creating sand art, kids playing, an artist painting at an easel, people strolling and searching for treasures, and everyone treating it just like a sandy beach, which indeed it is.  I wondered why I felt more as if I was at the seaside here, in the centre of London, than I did on a recent day trip to the Lincolnshire coast, and realised that it’s the smell – the Thames has that seaweedy smell that gives me the feeling of being by the sea and the Lincolnshire coast doesn’t.  Interesting how much difference the right smell can make.

And waves rolling through tree branches – well obviously I couldn’t resist.  Can you spot where the photographer’s doing her best to blend in with the shadow?