Under construction

Yes, I’ve finally done it! – changed to a new WordPress theme.  I’ve had the same theme since I began writing back in 2011, and it just didn’t hack it any more on a number of counts.  Things have moved on since then and these days blogs need to be mobile responsive – mine wasn’t.  I’ve also been frustrated by the fact that I had a maximum available width of 595 pixels for any photos I put on it, which isn’t big enough to show them at their best.  I can now post images at almost double the size – yay!

I still have a few glitches to iron out, and some re-writing and re-jiggling of sections to complete, so there’s lots more work to be done.  And because I’ve ditched the sidebar to get greater width, archived posts and such like things can now be found in the footer.  You can sign up for email subscriptions in the comments section after each post, and I hope to get an RSS feed option up and running before too long.