52 Trees – Week 2

Archway, Newark Cemetery

One photo a week, of a tree – how hard can that be, I thought, when I started this.  Unfortunately it’s coincided with me catching the worst cold I’ve had for a long while, leaving me with a brain that feels like cotton wool and no desire to do anything but lounge on the sofa with a hot water bottle, catching up on back episodes of Downton Abbey. I did force myself out for an hour, but my heart wasn’t in it, and the resulting shots showed it.  So I’m settling for something taken very recently, even if not actually this week, and at least something that I haven’t posted anywhere before.

Newark Cemetery is long and relatively narrow and a wide path, lined with Lime trees, runs dead centre down the full length of it.  (I think they’re Lime trees – I’m not very good at identifying trees, but the road parallel to it is called Lime Walk and I’m taking that as a clue.)  In the middle is an old stone chapel with an archway through the centre of it and the whole thing just cried out to be framed perfectly symmetrically.

It’s a beautiful walk, down this path.  I’ve realised lately that I’ve spent too long wishing for what doesn’t exist in this area and not fully appreciating what’s actually here.  I’ve taken a walk every day this week – the same walk – that takes me down this avenue of trees, then around a small, tree-lined lake full of waterbirds, and back again.  And yes, the lake has houses built close to it all the way round, but it’s no less lovely for that, and the cemetery is often full of people, but it’s no less peaceful.  Time, I think, to give thanks for what’s on my own doorstep.