Sculpture in the Sanctuary

Geoff, framedGeoff, framed by a sculpture

There doesn’t seem to be much happening in the way of art round here, so when we saw that a local wildfowl sanctuary was holding a sculpture exhibition, we had to go. We’d been to the sanctuary before, and it’s a lovely peaceful place with some very unusual varieties of birds. We have a notion that some day we might keep chickens, and if we do, I think I want at least one like this black and white fellow – he’s very handsome. Some of the chickens in the sanctuary are really unusual and even highly amusing at times (feathery feet, anyone?), but even the more usual ones have wonderfully glossy colourful feathers.

Black and white chicken

I always feel that photographing sculpture is a bit of a cheat, since the artist is the one who’s done all the work and deserves the credit, but I end up doing it anyway.  Before we entered the sanctuary itself, there was a huge greenhouse full of smaller sculptures to see.  I loved the shape of this one and the curvy, cave-like interior.

Sculpture in the Sanctuary

In the Sanctuary proper, this lady was having a very Bad Hair Day.  I’m about to try out a new hairdressers and I hope I don’t feel like this when I come out.

Bad Hair Day

There were two scupltures that I longed to take home with me for the garden.  I adored this pig, with its floppy ears and lovely solid feel – there’s just something so very pig-like about it.


The second one was a wolf.  We came across him in a small wooded area, gazing at a hare.  Isn’t he wonderful?

Wolf and hare


And we bought something! One of the artists had created what she called a Syrian Tree. Hanging from its branches were a flight of white ceramic doves and for each one that was sold the money was given to help aid for the Syrian people.  We were told that she’d made £6,000 so far.  Ours is now out in the garden and I love its simple shape and gracefulness.

Syrian Tree, Sculpture in the Sanctuary

Syrian Tree 2, Sculpture in the Sanctuary