Hawarden Mill stream

Eileen in Hawarden Woods

There’s a village near here that we always intended to move to, called Hawarden, and one of the reasons we liked it so much is that you can access some wonderful woodland walks right from the centre of the village.  I took my friend Eileen there recently when she came to visit and we spent some time taking photographs just inside the woods, where there’s the ruins of an old cornmill and the stream that used to power it. (You can see Eileen’s wonderful shot of the cornmill here; none of mine came out half as well.)

One of the unusual things about this stream is the colour of it – it’s a bright rust-red that has to be seen to be believed.  There’s also a strange, natural chute where the water slides over the rock really fast – you can see it in the picture above.  That’s Eileen sitting on the rocks and I’m so glad she wore that red coat – it works beautifully with the rest of the colours.

As always I found that my most successful shots are the close-ups and the abstracts, but because of the single strong colour they can get a bit ‘samey’ quite quickly, so I’ve interspersed them with a couple of bigger views.  My favourite is the last shot of sunlight making patterns in the water.  It’s about as abstract as it gets and I didn’t hold back on the processing, although I haven’t enhanced the colour in any way.  When the sun shone through the water the strength of colour was quite extraordinary.

Fissure, Hawarden Woods

Fast water, Hawarden Woods

Red stream, Hawarden Woods

Rocks in the water, Hawarden Woods

Spray, Hawarden Woods

Red stream 2, Hawarden Woods

Sunlight on water, Hawarden Woods

Water and sunlight abstract