My Buddha’s wearing a hat

Buddha with snow hat
My Buddha has acquired a hat! Takes away from his dignity a bit.

Snow has been falling here on and off for the last week. We had a serious dump of it last Friday and Saturday, with about six inches lying, but it was nothing to what they got over the other side of the estuary on the Welsh coast.  I drove there for a meeting yesterday, and they must have had several feet of it – although the roads are clear, many of them are down to one carriageway instead of two because of snow piled up high at the sides of the road.

Any winter wonderland prettiness has more or less gone now, but we’ve got some spectacular icicles developing. The derelict house next door has a slide of snow and ice that looks as it it’s trying to get inside.

Icicles over window

Icicles on window

And the drips from a hole in the guttering on our own house has created these wonderful icicles on the bush outside our front door.

Icicles on bush

These are just quick snapshots, but I’m hoping to get a chance to do some macro icicle shots before they melt away.  It’s not getting any warmer, that’s for sure, and there’s a blizzard blowing around outside right now, despite the fact that the current weather forecast makes no mention of snowfalls at all.  Ah well, I should know by now that they always get it wrong…….