Autumn portfolio

When I started this course, my first assignment was a bit of a disaster. It ended up being marked by two different tutors, and although they disagreed on individual images, they both came to much the same conclusion overall – it really wasn’t very good.  Now that I’ve revisited it after a considerable amount of time has gone by, I can see that they were right so I decided to redo the whole thing.

Fortunately we’re allowed to do this for assessment purposes and are not stuck with our original mistakes. The assignment was to depict a season, any season we wanted to, and I chose early summer first time round.  This time I’ve gone for autumn, as I think I have the biggest variety of decent shots to choose from.  As always, the hardest thing is to pick twelve images that hang together well.  What’s really frustrating is that sometimes you have to leave out some of your best shots in the service of creating a portfolio that looks as if all twelve images belong and sit well together.  It’s probably taken me longer to do this than it did to take the original shots – it’s surprisingly difficult.  I’ve also had to tweak one or two of the images to make the colours and tones match up better with the rest.

I’ve finally come up with what I think will be my final selection, although some minor tweaking may yet take place.  My linking theme is woodland, and also the lighting – I wanted to catch that warm, low-raking light that says autumn so clearly.  They’re in order, unless I change my mind again – my idea was to give the feeling of walking into, through, and back out of autumnal woodland on a late and sunny afternoon.

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Autumn 3

Autumn 4

Autumn 5

Autumn 6

Autumn 7

Autumn 8

Autumn 9

Autumn 10

Autumn 11

Autumn 12