Loggerheads Park, Clwyd

Waymarker for Mold

One of the few advantages of neither of us being employed is that we can make the best of any good weather we get up here. We went to Loggerheads Park the other day, which is in the Clwydian mountains in Wales; it’s a stunningly beautiful place that did much to cheer us up.  The leaves are just beginning to turn and the woods were in that lovely state where the trees are still green but there’s autumnal colour on the ground.  It was the first time in ages – I can’t even remember how long – that I got really into the flow and experienced the buzz from photography that I used to feel and have been missing.

I started out with some general shots, but what I most wanted to do was to expand on my Ernst Haas project on the elements, and try to capture something of the essence of fast moving water.  I also wanted to make a start on getting some shots that would represent air.  Most of the shots I took were not quite right in some way or another, but make a good starting point for a way forwards on this.  My biggest problem was composition, as there were many places where I couldn’t get the angle of view I wanted, and it was also quite difficult to see what I was shooting sometimes because of the contrasts of bright sunlight and shadow.

Mossy boulders

Clwydian hills

The beginnings of the water shots.  I quite like this one, but I think the boulder needs to be clearer.  A polarising filter would have helped but I definitely wouldn’t have been able to handhold if I’d used one.

Water and rock

I like the colours here but I don’t think there’s much else to mark it out.

Rock with leaves

This is getting much closer to what I want.  Unfortunately I think the composition could be a lot better, but I do like the soft effect of the moving water with a slow shutter speed.

Soft water

The composition is better in this one, but I feel the contrast is a bit strong and I don’t like those linear shadows on the right-hand side.


I’d have been very pleased with this one had I just got that top wave a bit more into the frame.  Otherwise, it’s close to what I was trying to achieve.

Ripples in sunlight

This one is probably my most successful shot of the day, and I’m really happy with how the sunlight has picked out the central wave.

Sunlit river

I’m also quite happy with this one, which will start me off on the ‘air’ section of the elements project.

Clwydian sky