Fallen – again

Green and red

Some of you might remember I’ve been working on a project I call ‘Fallen’ – you can view some previous shots here.  There’s something about these that still intrigues me, although I’d find it hard to put my finger on why, and I keep taking new ones wherever I go.  I’m amassing quite a collection now.  During last week’s London workshop I found myself taking even more, and I found some shots with blue and red markings next to the leaves that I rather liked.  Although there are still some squared-off shots here  – in line with what I’ve done before – I found that many of these recent shots seem to be developing a diagnonal slant now.  Again, I’m not sure why – they just presented themselves to me that way.  I could really have done with using a polariser to get rid of some of the glare from the water but I didn’t have one with me, and in some ways I think the glare gives a better feel for what kind of day it was – very bright, but very wet.

I may get tired of these eventually, but I’m showing no signs of stopping yet.  It may be that they keep evolving in terms of composition and other elements, and I’m interested to see where I end up with them.  I don’t go out looking for these – I almost always see them while in the throes of shooting other things and it was a happy accident that they’ve turned into a series.

One of the suggestions from the tutor leading our critique session at the Leeds study weekend, was that I could use these for my seasonal portfolio when I put my work in for assessment.  (As part of the Landscape course we have to put together a portfolio of three images each that depict each season.)  Unfortunately I hadn’t thought of this and now don’t have time to get enough images together to make up the full portfolio in this way, but I’m thinking that I might include one ‘Fallen’ picture for each of the seasons.  Naturally, they would have to be different from the ones I used for Assignment 3 but I’ve got so many now that that shouldn’t be a problem.  The difficult bit is differentiating between spring and summer, and autumn and winter.  These look quite autumnal, but in fact we’re not quite into autumn yet and it was just a miserable September day with the leaves being blown off the trees by strong winds.  Frost or snow would offer the obvious solution to the winter problem – I might have to wait a while.  The way the weather’s going I wouldn’t be surprised to see both of them happen quite soon………….

Blue line and leaf

Kerb and leaf

Orange and green

Blue line and leaf 2



Leaf and draincover