Mud, glorious mud

Mud pattern 1

I’m getting every so slightly panicky now; my final course assignment is due in before the end of May, and I’ve been feeling so apathetic and uninspired about my photography recently that I’ve done very little about it.  I’m supposed to be emulating the work of Ernst Haas – in particular his treatment of the elements from his book The Creation.  After getting some advice from my tutor, I’ve decided to narrow it down to water and earth, or possibly even just water.  At the moment I’m working on the assumption that I’ll be doing both and I’m looking for photos for each.  I’ve got quite a few for water already – although I do need some of a different type – but I’ve been lagging behind on the earth front.

I met up with my lovely friend Eileen on Saturday in Liverpool, and as we left the Tate Gallery down by the docks, we noticed the tide was out and the river banks had some wonderful mud patterns carved into them.  ‘What about that for earth?’, said Eileen, and so I got down to photographing them.  One of Haas’ trademarks was to play with scale by using abstraction, and in these photos I’ve tried to do that – is this a huge landscape or just some runnels in the mud?  The shapes that water leaves in mud have always fascinated me but if you’d told me years ago that I’d happily spend time taking pictures of mud, I’d have thought you were crazy.  Now I think it’s probably me who is – but in a good way.

Mud pattern 2


River valley

Confluence 2

This one is a little strange, and I’m not too sure about it yet.  Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t.


And I was playing about with this one, and solarised it for fun, then decided I rather like it this way. It’s like some weird lunar landscape – apart from the bird.  You had noticed the bird, hadn’t you?

Solarised mud