Ernst Haas assignment – water and earth

Yikes! – eight days to go before the cutoff date for my assignment (and my course) and I haven’t even made a decision about what to include, never mind organising the prints.  I’m usually pretty good at getting things done on time, but this one has crept up on me.  I’m going to get prints made of all the possibles, and then make the final decision when they arrive (and just hope and pray that none of them need rejigging).  This is the almost final line-up, although there are a couple I’m still working on as well.  I’d be very grateful for opinions, suggestions – any kind of feedback at all.  I’ll number them for ease of reference, and just to refresh your memory, I need to produce twelve images in the style of Ernst Haas, and on the theme of the elements water and earth.  I’ve put the water ones first and the earth second, although a lot of them contain both water and earth.  I’ve also included some of my thoughts about each one.

#1 I’m quite pleased with this one, but wonder if it needs warming up more, or more contrast.

Sunlit water

#2 This one is another favourite that I feel captures the Ernst Haas aesthetic; I’m just a little concerned that there isn’t a definite enough area of sharpness.


#3 This seems very ‘watery’ to me, and I love the colours.  I just wonder if I’m getting carried away with the colours – does it work compositionally?

Blue and gold

#4  This one plays with scale a bit, which I haven’t done much with the watery ones.


#5  I like the colours here, and it’s definitely in the Ernst Haas tradition.  However the others are close-ups and this one isn’t.


#6  This is my favourite of the lot, and is definitely going in.


#7  Too many images of colour reflected on water?

Red and green



#9  I’ve got several of this curvy mud stream; the others have no water in them, and I don’t think they work quite so well.  With all the mud images, I’m not sure how much to warm them up – these strike me as a bit cool.

Mud and water

#10  I’ve got two versions of this; the first is better balanced in terms of contrast, etc and I think the second is a bit dark but I like the way the light is falling on it and emphasising the depth.

River valley


#11  This is a bit of a wild card.  I know my tutor will hate it because he hates anything high contrast, but I think it might have something, and Ernst used a lot of high contrast so it’s in keeping.


#12  A little bit boring, maybe?


#13  Only one of the following two can go in; I know which one I prefer, but I’m not saying at the moment!

Rock landscape 2


Rock landscape 2

All help and opinions gratefully received…….I can’t think straight about it all right now.