20 other uses for your camera

These days almost everyone has a camera of some sort on their person all the time, even if it’s just a phone camera.  In my wanderings round the internet while putting off the things I really should be doing, I’ve come across a whole load of ideas for other things you can use a camera for.  I don’t usually do list posts but this lent itself to one.

1. If you lost your camera or phone, would anyone know how to find you?  Why not photograph a note of your phone number or email address so that some kind person can get it back to you?

Some cameras will allow you to lock a photo onto the memory card, so you don’t delete it with the rest of your pictures.

2. Another good idea is to keep notes of any allergies, medical condition, blood type, or anything else someone might need to know in an emergency.

3. Take a picture of the ingredients list for the recipe you’re planning to make before you go out to buy the goods. This would also work for projects, crafts, etc.

4. You know how you can never see what you look like when you try on new glasses? Get someone to take a picture of you and then you can.

5. Same applies to new clothes. Yes, you can see yourself in the mirror, but you often can’t see the back view and a photograph shows you much more clearly how good it all looks (or otherwise).

6. Remember last time you were in a bookshop and thought you’d get the book from the library rather than buy it? Of course you forgot the title and author by the time you got home. The answer is simple: take a snap of it. Use this idea for gifts and CDs too.

7. Seen a great hairstyle, nail design or tattoo in a window or a magazine? Make a note of it with your camera.

8. Ever lost your car in the airport car park? Photograph the letter and number of your space so you can find it easily when you get back.

9. You know the problem: you’ve seen a flyer for something interesting, or a service someone is offering, but you don’t have a pen and paper to write it down. Use your camera to make a note.

10. Sometimes you might find yourself in a bad situation: someone’s pranged your car, the parking meter is broken and you can’t buy a ticket, the fence really was broken before you went through, etc. Use your camera to take photos for the defence.

12. Just arrived and trying to find your way around a new city? Take a photo of the metro/tube/underground map so you don’t need to keep looking for one everywhere you go.

13. You can also photograph maps on your computer screen – better than carrying around scrappy bits of paper. Most cameras will allow you to zoom in for a closer view.

14. Ever taken something apart and then can’t remember how it goes together again? Take snaps of each stage in the process for reference.

15. Someone acting suspiciously round your property? A quick photo is a good insurance policy.

16. If you’re walking somewhere new and think you might not find your way back again, take photos of each turn in the road and road names and you won’t end up lost.

You can also use this idea to send people directions; I was visiting the home of a friend and hadn’t been there before – he went out on his bicycle and photographed all the junctions and roundabouts on the route and then drew arrows on them to show me which way to go. Perfect!

17. Now what sort of cable connection did you need for that new printer? Take a snap of it. Can’t remember what number of vacuum bag to get for replacements – take a snap of it. Forgotten what number of printer cartridge you need? – take a snap of it.

18. Looking for a house to buy or rent? Take photos as you’re shown round – your memory’s not as good as your camera’s.

19. Like how someone’s done up their bathroom or their bedroom? Take a picture.

20. Use it like a flashlight. If there’s a dark corner you need to see into, use the flash on your camera to light it up.