Moments are like bubbles

Autumn bench

One of the delights of my day is to read the daily poem that’s delivered to my inbox.  Samantha Reynolds at somehow manages not just to write a poem a day, but to write a good poem a day.  How does she do that?  Not everyone’s into poetry, I know, but hers are very accessible and always manage to say something that makes you think or smile.  And they’re short – always a plus point in a poem, even of the best kind. This one is about taking photographs.  Let’s read and discuss:

Why I took so few photos

He stands pressed against the window
naked except for a pair of red mittens
pointing to the crows
flapping his arms
and repeating over and over


I think several things simultaneously

he is perfect
I wonder when he will learn a word other than duck
people can probably see him from the park

then as I so often do
I think to get my camera
but don’t

and when he asks later
why there aren’t more photos of him
I will tell him how moments are like bubbles
you have to stay very still
or they will burst.

I sometimes think that while photography opens your eyes to the world and makes you see it better and appreciate it more, sometimes it can stop you being fully in the experience.  Occasionally I put my camera down and simply take in the moment, before it bursts like a bubble – but perhaps not often enough.  Do you?