‘Fallen’ – the feedback

Fallen montage

Another day, another drama. This time it was a fairly serious gas leak, leaving us without heating or hot water on one of the coldest nights of the year. And, as our brand new kettle only worked for a day before deciding to trip all the electrical switches every time it was put on and we’d been using the (gas) hob to heat water on, this involved an urgent outing to buy another kettle and a hot water bottle. Still, it’s all sorted now and I’m nice and cosy writing this. And…..I’m sitting at my desk in my new study. It’s still a bit messy and I don’t have internet up here yet, but it’s a room I can work in.

I wrote here about the difficulty I had in making a final selection of photos for one of my course assignments, and in the middle of all these domestic crises I got my tutor’s report back. It was very favourable on the whole: ‘Assignment 3 has required you to produce a series of landscape pictures with a common theme. I feel that you have succeeded in going beyond that in producing a cohesive sequence, with its own narrative and a life of its own as a set of images’. I’m very happy with that 🙂  He did add that the colour balance in a few of them was a bit on the blue side (nos 1,5 and 6 if you’re interested – counting across and down). Looking at them now I can see what he means, but I remember deliberately trying to bring out the green and blue tones in the bricks and stonework. I still like that effect but perhaps a better way would have been to mask the leaves and adjust the colours separately. He also felt the contrast on the last one was a bit strong, something I’d felt myself but it was a very bright sunny day when I took it, unlike most of the other shots.

As several of you asked me to let you know what my final selection was, I’ve put them above. I ended up removing several that didn’t fit for one reason or another, and adding in three more that I felt worked better.