Too many goodbyes

Sun, pebbles and leaves

I’m feeling sad. So many goodbyes, although I’m grateful that many of them are really au revoirs.  Up till now I’ve mostly felt excitement about the move, but as we get closer and closer to the big day I’m becoming more and more aware of what I’m leaving behind.  Each day brings another ‘last time’ for something, and usually some sort of goodbye to someone.  Yesterday my hairdresser hugged me after my last appointment with her – I have to say that that’s a first 🙂  Yesterday evening we went for a last meal in the restaurant where we had our wedding reception, and they gave us double portions of everything (I’m still feeling stuffed) and big hugs as we left.  Everyone has been so lovely, and it’s brought home to me how many wonderful people there are in my life.

I’m excited very excited – about moving, but for the moment I just have to let the sadness of what’s being left behind percolate through.  I want to get on with it now; I’m tired of goodbyes.  And although I’ve been loving the social whirlwind of trying to see everyone before I go, I badly need a few days spent quietly, on my own.

It will probably be a week or so before I’m back here; I’m taking a little break to do some packing, and I don’t know exactly when I’ll get hooked up to the internet again after the move.  They’ve promised the day after, but you know how these things go……..wait for me, won’t you?