Sunset over the Dee estuary

View from the sitooterie

This has got to be one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen; I was just mesmerised by it.  It had everything, from fiery oranges and blacks to softer blues, pinks and golds, and I haven’t enhanced the colours at all.  I rarely see a sunset where I’m living at the moment, as it’s so built-up here, but every evening in this holiday cottage we were treated to amazing skies.  Not all were as exciting as this one, but every evening produced a new delight and a half-hour spent sitting in this space with a cup of tea, watching evening fall.  Even better, our new house (more later on that) is just up the coast a bit, and this view is at the end of our road.  You may be seeing rather a lot of sunset images in the next few months…….

Sunset 3

Sunset 2

Sunset 5

Sunset 4

Sunset 1