Leaves on terracotta

On Saturday we go to Chester for a week to find a lovely new home to rent until our own sells.  When we come back it’s very likely that we’ll have only two weeks to get packed up and ready to go (gulp!), so I’m trying to tie up numbers of loose ends at the moment before total chaos breaks out.  I need to finish off two of my course assignments so that they can go straight in to my tutor when I get back.  The essay is nearly done, but I’ve been having big problems with the other one.

I have to produce eight photos on a theme that’s loosely linked to landscape. Doesn’t sound too difficult, I know, but my first idea didn’t work out.  I was going to use the notion of nature fighting back against humankind – so, basically, it would have been pictures of overgrown man-made things.  I got enough photos, but they just didn’t hang together well as a set and now that it’s winter it’s not so easy to find luxuriant growth taking over anything.  My tutor suggested sending them in anyway, but I’m really not happy with them and I don’t want to do that.

Unfortunately the deadline for getting this assignment in is getting very close. I’ve already had a six-month course extension and unless I get two more assignments in it’s unlikely they’ll give me another, and the date for getting these two in is in February.  I really wasn’t counting on having to move house at the same time…….

Fortunately, I’ve been doing a little personal project on what I think of as ‘fallen things’ and I’m going to try and pull something together using these.  I’ve given it the title ‘Fallen’, which seems appropriate right now as I feel as if I’m in freefall.  It’s made me realise how difficult it is to get a set of images to look like they belong together and I’m struggling over the choices for this one.  My original idea was they all had to be taken from above, looking straight down – that ruled out a few good ones – and that they’d all include some kind of man-made surface that they’d fallen on to – this is one thing that’s causing me a problem.  A few of the ones I’d most like to include don’t have the man-made surface and others that do have it are not such good shots.  Another problem lay in trying to keep the saturation and style of colours as even as possible throughout, and I’d like to have had the lighting more uniform as well, but some were taken on overcast days and some in sunshine.  And then there are questions like ‘should they all be of leaves, or is it better to mix leaves, berries and flowers?’  And ‘should there be an obvious unifying composition between them, or is that not too important?’  And so it goes on.

Finally I decided just to get the d*** thing in even if it’s not quite right and then I can re-do it later if I need to.  But I still have one problem: you may notice as you scroll down that there are ten images here, not eight (including the one at the top).  I can’t decide which to exclude and my brain is beginning to hurt, so help me out here – please?  Which ones would you definitely keep?  Which ones would you leave out?  And if you’ve got any other helpful comments to add, I’d be most grateful 🙂


Beech leaves

Blue flowers



Green leaves

Gutter leaves

Pink petals

Yellow leaves