The V&A Glass Gallery

Coloured glass vase, V&A

I love the V&A in London! It’s a wonderful place just to wander around and come across interesting things, and even better, they don’t mind you taking photos as long as you don’t use flash.  I went there yesterday with my friend Eileen, who’s a member, and so we were able to use the Members Room for coffee and chatting purposes.  The Members Room is great – a really nice, relaxing, quiet space away from all the bustle and there were only about three people in there when we went.  That might well be because it’s incredibly difficult to find and when you do find it, you go through a door in a mirrored wall which makes it all seem a bit Alice in Wonderland.  I was hoping for a Mad Hatters Tea Party to be going on inside, but it was all disappointingly normal.

To get there you walk through the Glass Gallery, and I found this fabulously coloured glass vase (above).  A close-up made rather a nice abstract.

Colour abstract

There was also this little group of glass men. They look identical from the front, but when you go round the back you see that one of them has rebelled!  I could identify……

Glass men


Rebel 2

There was some stunningly beautiful glass, and lots of it, but we’d already spent a little too much time chatting and eating cake and wanted to get to the Photographer’s Gallery while we still had time.  But I managed to get this shot, which reminds me of one of those optical illusions where you either see a vase or two faces, depending on how you look at it.


And the V&A version of a Christmas tree is a little different from usual.  This one was made out of string, some of it bound around small cone shapes.  It made for some interesting shadow patterns.

Christmas tree 2, V&A

Christmas tree, V&A