A rainy night in London, part 2

Royal Exchange

I got so excited with my wet night photography that I took loads of photos, so this is the second instalment.  (If you missed the first one, look here)  We moved on to the Royal Exchange, which was floodlit with the most astonishing reds and pinks, but I have to admit that these photos are very noisy indeed (please Santa, can I have a camera that goes up to ISO 12,800+ and manages noise beautifully?  instead of the one I have, which becomes unusable at ISO 1200?  not this year?  I’ve been very good this year, you know……..)

Royal Exchange pillars

Royal Exchange pillars 2


I love that foot that crept in at the bottom left corner; I didn’t know it was there till I got this up on screen.

At the bottom of these pillars there are mirrored boxes that reflect the surroundings.  It made for an intriguing image, but I have to say the resulting photos were so horrendously noisy I nearly threw them away.  Eventually I settled for making a separate layer and blurring it to get rid of some noise, and then erasing the part of it that had the reflected image so that it was left sharp (as always, I use this term loosely).  I don’t think it works very well, but it’s better than before – honest.


We moved on after this, shooting anything that looked interesting, and ending up at the Lloyd’s Building.  The shot below looks so timeless it could have been the London of Dickens; the only thing that gives it away is that it looks so clean.

Dickensian scene

Through the glass

Christmas trees

Lloyd's building at night

Rainy night 2

Lloyd's building lifts abstract

Just to contrast nicely with the Royal Exchange lighting, the Lloyd’s Building was floodlit in blues and greens.  The image above is of the glass lifts that go up the outside of the building.  Far more blurred than it was meant to be, but I like the resulting abstract.

I had such a lot of fun with this that I want to do more; I’m amazed how many of these came out despite my noisy, hand-held camera.  Bring on the rain……….  (I don’t totally mean that.)